How To Download and Setup Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10 and Mac?

Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Drivers is a dedicated driver management program that allows all users of Windows OS to conveniently use their Canon printers to the full capacity. The Printer Driver is a device that Canon printer owner always has to use, designed to be quick, easy to use and as discreet as possible.

Canon has decades of experience creating new ways to help consumers to benefit entirely from printer products. Canon is one of the world’s most popular and most used printer manufacturers.

Canon Printer Drivers
Canon Printer Drivers

Installation and Common Use of the Printer

  • The Printer Driver offers you the right driver for your request
  • Since each printer needs a particular driver, this application will simplify printer identification, driver-installation and ensure that all components of the device are installed and will accept your requests for printing
  • Simply install, start, and automatically begin to detect and locate any plugged printer and identify your model number
  • Subsequently, it will show you the corresponding modified driver
  • The program can then be downloaded on your PC
  • You can download all your printer programs and ready your printer for printing commands using a couple of simple clicks.
  • Please note that each Canon printer has a slightly different design for each model
  • Canon Printer Driver is a 100% free application on all current versions of Windows OS 32-bit and 64-bit on both desktops and laptops

Some Models of Canon

  • LBP2900b
  • Pixma IP2770
  • L11121E
  • Pixma MP2874
  • ImageClass MF3010
  • Pixma MP237

Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10

You can get the canon printer drivers for Windows 10 by following the simple steps that you can find below

  • You have to download the right driver after connecting your Canon printer to Windows 10
  • Download Canon’s brand drivers from Canon’s website
  • To find and download the driver you need, you can go to its website
  • Below you’ll find how you can download and install a Canon website driver
  • Canon may not be using the same template because it has many official websites such as UK website, US website, a European website, etc., so we suggest that you use your browser directly to scan drivers
  • Download the Canon Printer drivers and download them online manually from the steps below
  • In your favorite search engine, type “Canon + Printer Model Name + Driver” and hit the enter button on your keyboard
  • In the top of the search results, normally the direct link for downloading MF5630 controls will be seen
  • It will take you to the download page once you click on the link
  • Choose the operating system you need
  • For example, here we’re taking Windows 10
  • To access the driver, press Access
  • Double-click on the driver folder you download and follow the on-screen canon printer drivers installation instructions

Canon Printer Drivers for Mac

  • To begin with, open your browser on the Mac device
  • Then, Go to
  • Tap on “Drivers and Downloads” from the main page
  • Type the printer name for which you want a driver to install in the file
  • Then tap on’ Go’
  • Tap “Drivers and Downloads” on the following page
  • Download the file UFR
  • At the bottom left of your screen, click on “Finder” (If you don’t see “Finder” in your file, you can still access your downloads)
  • Then, click the “Download” link
  • Tap the previously downloaded UFR folder (finishes in mac.dmg)
  • Click the’ office’ button
  • Subsequently, click on the installer file
  • Clicks “continue,” (after the first “continue” you can click “Continue” again)
  • Tap on “agree”

Canon Printer Driver Download Failure

There are many possible reasons for preventing the printer driver from running. There are risks of manipulation and incompatibility, for instance, the settings may be incorrect or updates may be lacking. Fixing an error in the printer software is often just about upgrading, downloading and reinstalling the driver

  • Go to the website of the printer supplier and check for drivers for printing, printer drivers or drivers
  • Find your printer model’s correct operator
  • You can also download and install the driver
  • After installing the new software, you may need to restart your system that you are using

It’s quite quick to reinstall the driver using the CD that came with the printer. Only insert the disk into your drive and follow the instructions on your computer. Additionally, for any further queries regarding Canon printer drivers, contact the customer care team ready to serve you 24/7 @ Install printer drivers.

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