How to Download and Install HP LaserJet Drivers for Windows 10?

HP LaserJet printers are the first laser printers that came into the market. Producing the best outputs, they have been able to satisfy customers of all genres.  The evolution of control panel on a printer was from HP LaserJet only.

Features of HP LaserJet

  • These printers can be used for residential as well as business purposes
  • You can accomplish the most secure way of printing using the HP LaserJet printers
  • Also, maximum printing productivity is achievable
  • Significantly, you also get high-speed performance with the HP LaserJet printers

Types of LaserJet Printers

There are basically two types of HP LaserJet printers

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise which you can opt for when you want to print up to 30,000 pages per month
  • The other is HP LaserJet Pro which is built for a smaller scale, that is for up to 4000 pages per month

Make sure you install the HP LaserJet driver Windows 10 before you start printing using a system that operates on Windows 10

HP LaserJet Printer Drivers

This session mainly focuses on the HP LaserJet driver Windows 10. You can also prefer a system with a different OS. Reach out to our website that has procedures for different OS also

HP Laserjet Driver Windows 10
HP Laserjet Driver Windows 10
  • Make sure your Windows 10 system is up-to-date
  • Use a USB cable to link your Windows 10 system and the HP LaserJet printer
  • Once you connect you will find a bubble at the right-below corner, that says installing drivers
  • Make a click on that and find a window opening that says the drivers are installed or not
  • If you get a green tick across all the files then it means that the HP LaserJet driver Windows 10 is complete and you can start printing
  • If you find a red cross across any of the files, then consider removing and re-inserting the USB cable or you can also consider going through the troubleshooting of the same
  • You can also prefer navigating to the support page and downloading the driver
  • Additionally, you can also connect the printer wirelessly to the Windows 10 system.

Want to know the list of HP LaserJet driver Windows 10? Advance further and find out about the same

HP LaserJet Driver Windows 10

This session, as already told, will discuss the different types of drivers, their specialty, and many more about a set of drivers


This is one software that you can use when you opt for wireless connectivity options. All you need to do is connect the printer to a wireless network, download this and enjoy printing

Full solution

When you download this, you will not have to install separate software. This will offer a complete solution that includes software functionality. And this is why you don’t have to install the software separately. Moreover, this also has an advanced full feature for the HP LaserJet printer. Usually, this driver downloads along with the HP Easy start. So, if you find it missing during the process, then you can download by yourself.


It is a custom driver that supports PCL 6 for select printers. This download is only accessible from and can be used (where available) to provide fundamental print or print/scan software characteristics. Enables more sophisticated software features than the In-OS or Windows Update drivers included.

Hot based driver

Host-based drivers use the resources of the computer (host) to process print orders when the computer is attached via USB cable to the printer. It is a custom driver that provides fundamental print or print/scan software characteristics for host-based printers. Enables more sophisticated software features than the In-OS or Windows Update drivers included. This driver is accessible only from, similar to the Basic PCL6 driver.

The other HP LaserJet driver Windows 10 are

  • PCL
  • Plug and Play
  • HP Universal Print Driver (UPD)
  • HP ePrint Software
  • And many more

You can scan and print using the HP LaserJet printers. The HP LaserJet driver Windows 10 will be specifically available for the scanning, faxing and copying also. It is just that you need to find the appropriate method to accomplish the HP LaserJet driver Windows 10.

Moreover, we also assist you in getting the drivers, for which you will have to contact our support team @ Install printer drivers site.

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